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part 1
0:27 – 3:30 Rex Merkin - Nobody likes me (Toxic Chicken remix)
3:30 – 5:51 Jessica Grant - Cascade (Toxic Chicken remix)
5:51 – 7:19 Furchick - Lullaby (Toxic Chicken song remix)
7:19 – 08:59 Eduardo Cossio & Dan O'Connor - Los Buzos (Toxic Chicken remix)
08:59 – 12:13 Dino Felipe - pennies by the tower (Toxic Chicken remix)

part 2
0:00 - 2:20 - Bruised Retina - Angry Chihuahua Puppies (Toxic Chicken remix)
2:20 – 4:11 John Stevens - M (Toxic Chicken remix)
4:11 – 8:46 Kai Nobuko - give em up (Toxic Chicken remix)
8:46 – 11:56 Bloom – (twfy oo toxic chicken remix)
11:56 – 15:30 Toxic Chicken & Bloom - Years Go By
15:30 – 16:46 Ralos Flare - solar nature loop (Toxic Chicken remix)
16:46 – 20:42 Excess Fat – the gimp becomes a gentleman (Toxic Chicken version)

Rex Merkin’s release on Dog Park is one you should check out, I love how genuine it all sounds, with honest words, frankness and no shame, this artist puts everything out whats on his sleeves and does it with such care that I bet he must be one of the most wonderfully underrated musicians out in the world. His track ‘Nobody Likes Me’ is one of those ones that hits home, the tc mix can’t capture the greatness of the original, yet it’s there and happy. You can find Rex his music on:
and the original track it’s homely album over here:

Jessica Grant’s Cascade is immediately one of those wonderful tunes that had been sneaked in, I can’t recall how I stumbled upon the original music, but remember that it send me on a melodical voyage that was full love and care. An artist whose oeuvre you could certainly check out and feel happy about upon discovery. You could hear the original over here:

Furchick doesn’t need an introduction, not only does she take care of the owner of Dog Park Records, she has left her friendly landmark of experimental music all over the globe and within many hearts. Her Lullaby track is just one of these examples of how this artist puts her personal personality within her works, which is a thing that real lovers of true things all could adore and appreciate (well, that’s just my opinion, he?) You can find the original track over at the following children friendly children’s album “Soggy Moggy”:

Eduardo Cossio & Dan O’Conner’s work is also one of those hidden gems laying on the Dog Park pleasure center, ready to be discovered, cherished and enjoyed. It’s a sign of the label’s own growing identity of music that can go anywhere as long as it touches your soul. The radio friendly mix can’t tip the original, but that’s the way it is with radio friendly mixes. Hear the real thing over here:

Not many things have known about pennies by the shower, a personal track by Dino Felipe from his secretive hiding place, yet somehow as a radio friendly mix it had dived up and nobody knows if we have permission or not. Yet, Dino Felipe his work can be all heard over at Dog Park classics like:

I can’t recall ever to have seen a Bruised Retina, but I believe it’s a dog wearing a bandage of some kind. The track Angry Chihuahua Puppies spoke so much that it had to be included over here, yet again nothing comparable to the original more risky material! It comes from a wonderful dogzzz related compilation, of course only and exclusively available from Dog Park:

Dog Park’s legendary compilation albums are pretty much a come togetherness of awesomeness. The WILD LIFE one featured the original M by John Stevens and now it is featured again in a different radio coat ready to conquer the hearts of the mainstream:

Bloom (de Wilde) has a special place in my heart and soul, her music and sounds go around the chopping board as equally as my sounds are going on in hers, making her a true inspiration and most of all best sister in the planet. She is working on a master piece of an album and I can’t wait for it to be finished; it’s going to sound so wonderful! You can find some bit of her on the ‘into the hidden place’ release on Dog Park (dogparkrecords.bandcamp.com/album/into-the-hidden-place) but you should really check out her amazing song ‘Animal Spirit’ with her own made animation video over here:

Ralos Flare is such an artist that I could have only found out about through the amazing Dog Park records, it had made me think and wander. The original track comes from a incredible compilation full of natural music that might aswell blow away your head. You can check it out over at the following link: dogparkrecords.bandcamp.com/album/various-artists-plantae

Excess Fat had brought a delicious chip tune album to the Dog Park, making everybody do crazy dance moves, attempting to lose weight, or simply being able to jump higher than any dog in the park. The release is such a thrilling pack of fun that it had hit the top five list of being healthy entertainment for the young, the elderly and anything in between. Its free download also included a great animation video for Prince Charming, the best animated dance instructor in the entire galaxy. You can find and hear this beauty over here: dogparkrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-gimp-becomes-a-gentleman.

Credits and special love go out to the artists, listeners, cats, dogs & creatures of the universe.
Special thanks to Rex Merkin, Jessica Grant, Furchick, , Eduardo Cossio & Dan O’Connor, Dino Felipe, Bruised Retina, John Sevens, Kai Nobuko, Bloom, Ralos Flare and you.
One love from me DJ DOG to anyone that had taken the time to read or hear this stuff! <3


released January 12, 2019


all rights reserved



dog park Perth, Australia

Music for stray dogs.

Top dog in the park is Furchick.

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